17 Essential Net Interview Questions And Answers

Viewstate stores the state of controls in HTML hidden fields. This does affect the overall responsiveness of the page, thereby affecting performance. The ideal size of a viewstate should be not more than 25-30% of the page size. On the other hand, the application object is used to store the information and access variables from any page in the application. By caching the response, your request is served by the response already stored in memory.

The hiring process of tech talents has never been easy. There are a lot of possible challenges to face and solve – starting with the talent shortage and ending with the personal fit. Have you ever explained the project’s errors to the customer? Review the candidate’s portfolio and highlight projects from the same industry as yours. Then, ask to briefly tell about each of them to catch the applicant’s background and make sure the candidate is well-versed in the industry.

asp.net developer interview questions

Discoverable – ability of applications and developers to search for and locate desired Web services through registries. Components of your application can be updated while the server is online and clients are connected. The framework will use the new files as soon as they are copied to the application. Removed or old files that are still in use are kept in memory until the clients have finished.

ASP.NET Core also provide the option to create custom filters. There are 5 types of filters supported in ASP.NET Core Web apps or services. For insight into the top interview questions and best practices, today’s dev leaders use to hire the best candidates, check out our expert roundup on the top ASP.NET interview questions. Read this post to find out about the 9 most important performance tools your team needs to succeed. And, if you’re looking for an application monitoring solution, Retrace, Stackify’s APM solution, has you covered. For example, if a candidate proclaims a strong knowledge of C#, have him or her write a short C# FizzBuzz script.

Asp Net Interview Questions

He has more than 10 years of experience in managing large transformation programs for Fortune 500 clients across verticals such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom and others. During his career he has worked across the geographies – North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Hemant is an internationally Certified Executive Coach (CCA/ICF Approved) working with corporate leaders.

The answer to this question will also allow you to evaluate the candidate’s analytical, critical and creative thinking. What ASP.NET developers should know and how can you prepare for a .NET developer interview? The Finalize technique is utilized to perform a cleanup procedure on unmanaged resources held by the current object before the object is destroyed. The strategy is ensured and subsequently is available just through this class or through a derived class. They make use of the existing controls to define their own logic. Suppose if you want any improvements in the web.config, then the web application will promptly load the changes but in the machine.config case you should restart the application.

How Do You Explain View State?

Upwork compiles a list of the 10 best ASP.NET developers currently looking for work. We can use both methods to make pages by including assembly references in the Web Forms app. SQLServer mode puts the session state in a SQL database.

asp.net developer interview questions

While one application pool is servicing a request, you cannot route the request to another application pool. However, you can assign applications to another application pool while the server is running. ASP.NET configures IIS to deny access to any user that requests access to the Machine.config or Web.config files. All source code files kept in the root App_Code folder must be in the same programming language. You can obfuscate your code by using a new precompilation process called ‘precompilation for deployment’.

ASP.NET is a framework that extends the .NET developer platform with components to build specific web applications for .NET and C# programming languages. There are common questions that a potential employer may ask to determine how much you know about app development, and specifically, the ASP.NET framework. Understanding these questions can help you prepare for an interview to be an ASP.NET MVC (model-view-controller) developer. In this article, we list the top 35 ASP.NET MVC interview questions and answers you might provide.

But Area is a MVC structure that separate an application into multiple functional groupings. For example, for an e-commerce site Billing, Orders, search functionalities can be implemented using freelance asp developers different areas. In-memory cache is the simplest way of caching by ASP.NET Core that stores the data in memory on web server. HTTP requests are independent and does not retain user values.

How To Interview Asp Net Developers In 3 Stages

Check out our roundup of the most popular DevOps interview questions here, and read this post for more tips on hiring and interviewing for DevOps roles. ASP.NET Web API, on the other hand, is used purely for building backend web APIs which can be consumed by an array of clients, from the web to desktop to mobile. It forms the server component in a RESTful architecture.

  • HTML server controls are just like HTML elements that we use on the HTML pages.
  • When a developer writes code in one of .NET’s coding languages C# or Visual Basic .NET to then run in CLR, these become managed code.
  • Instead of using Response.Write(), Trace.Write() is used.
  • He is Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET(MCSD.NET) since 2005.
  • Every application within an application pool shares the same worker process.
  • Attributes like adaptability and resilience come into play if your company is moving from a remote to a hybrid or office-based working culture.

Because JSON data is a specific type of data, you can show that you know what it is and how to use it in the .NET platform. The .NET framework uses Common Language Runtime to run strings of code. When a developer writes code in one of .NET’s coding languages C# or Visual Basic .NET to then run in CLR, these become managed code. Managed code can run on any platform because it’s based in the CLR instead of the computer’s operating system.

Question 43

The settings are store in XML files that are independent of your application code. In this manner, you can configure settings freely from your code. This file stored inside the application root directory. It does not depend on the https://globalcloudteam.com/ architecture of the target machine because it is executed by the CLR , and not by the operating system itself. CLR and managed code offers developers few benefits, like garbage collection, type checking and exceptions handling.

It is created by Microsoft to provide Internet-based services to ASP.NET Web applications. Soft skills — Technical abilities aren’t the only feature of an outstanding employee, so don’t forget to explore candidates’ soft skills and initiative. Attributes like adaptability and resilience come into play if your company is moving from a remote to a hybrid or office-based working culture. Additionally, if developers will have access to sensitive data, make sure to assess them for ethics and trustworthiness. Software development methodologies — It’s useful to know how candidates have interacted with team members on other projects. Most professional developers will have extensive experience with Agile environments, so you can talk about whether they find this approach supportive or if they find Scrums distracting.

Asp Net Developer Interview Questions

The process of ASP.NET developers’ interviewing consists of three stages, so let’s move step by step towards making effective hiring decisions. Each entry in the tree is called a node and is represented by a TreeNode object. A node that contains other nodes is called a parent node. A node that is contained by another node is called a child node. A node that is not contained by any other node but is the ancestor to all the other nodes in the root node. A node can be both a parent and a child, but root, parent, and leaf nodes are mutually exclusive.

He’s a full life cycle programmer and ran his own consulting company for seven years before returning to being someone else’s employee. It is simple to build and supported by a variety of platforms. A Component does not draw itself on the form and can be placed below the form area. A control draws itself on the form and can be placed inside the form area. Also, all controls are components, but not all components are controls.

These services use web protocols and data formats like HTTP, XML and SOAP to access data across platforms and programming languages. The .NET includes a variety of classes that allow for interaction with different web services. Garbage collection is a low-priority process that serves as an automatic memory manager which manages the allocation and release of memory for the applications. Each time a new object is created, the common language runtime allocates memory for that object from the managed Heap. As long as free memory space is available in the managed Heap, the runtime continues to allocate space for new objects.

After posting the page, data from is ViewState is restored. FormsAuthentication.Signout() method is used to sign out from forms authentication. The client-side validation happens at the client’s side with the help of JavaScript and VBScript. This validation has occurred before the Web page is sent to the server.

What we are looking for are developers who can clearly explain their thought process. You can tell a lot about developers without having them write any code. For example, you can gauge whether they can apply or extend this method in future applications. You can also weed out inexperience as experienced developers will often have a very clear and concise naming system.

For this, we need to create a control for each and every application. ASP.MVC is a web application framework that is lightweight and has high testable features. ASP.NET supports 3 different types of components namely Model, View, and Controller. Web services are language-independent, platform-independent, protocol-independent, self-describing and programmable.

Net Interview Questions Youll Need To Hire Your Next Developer

This Author and Book data can be passed to view by creating Author ViewModel inside controller. View – It’s responsible to present the content via User interface. It does not contain much logic and use Razor View Engine to embed .NET code into view.

The AutoEventWireUp is a boolean attribute that allows automatic wireup of page events when this attribute is set to true on the page. It is set to True by default for a C# web form whereas it is set as False for VB.NET forms. Pages developed with Visual Studio .NET have this attribute set to false, and page events are individually tied to handlers. Each page can be written with a different programming language in the same application.

What Languages Does The Net Framework Support?

Each separate worker process provides a process boundary so that when an application is assigned to one application pool, problems in other application pools do not affect the application. This ensures that if a worker process fails, it does not affect the applications running in other application pools. An application pool is a group of one or more URLs that are served by a worker process or set of worker processes. Any Web directory or virtual directory can be assigned to an application pool.

Some developers may have experience of newer working methodologies such as DevOps. A class is a comprehensive data type that is the primary building block, or template, of OOP. Class defines attributes and methods of objects, and contains an object’s behavior and data. As a basic unit of a system, objects have identity and behavior as well as attributes. An interface, on the other hand, can declare properties, methods and events only . In short, an interface designates a contract/behavior that implementing classes should have.

Controller — The components that deal with user interactions, such as keyboard input. Controllers influence views and can also pass values to the model. User controls are easier to create but provide limited support for consumers using visual design tools. Try-catch and finally will be very familiar to more experienced developers who have worked in production environments. Try-catch is a method of handling exceptions in C# and other languages. However the facility has been given to the user to add the applicable document type declaration.


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